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Do you remember the future?

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It may be difficult, today, to truly see the world as other than what it is right now. Oh, sure – you can dream of a better future, yes? Even imagine how it may look, with flying cars, free medicine to all, and global warming but a distant threat kept at bay by the boundless resource of human ingenuity.

You can dream…

But can you remember?

How many of you, after all, can remember how life was before the mobile? Before the Internet? The end of the Cold War? Do you recall how it was to look up something? To search for, say, “the history of democracy”? A mere three decades ago, that single question would prompt a small journey down to the local library and a major task searching through the tomes there. Today, we ask Google. Or Siri. Or Alexa. Or any of a growing host of Internet oracles.

Do you remember when those oracles were born? The time before that? Can you close your eyes and truly feel how life was then? … Breathe in the air of yesteryear and caress its rough texture with your fingertips?

If you can, then you will know – as surely as you are breathing now – that those things, which seem utterly natural today? They were, in many cases, the scarcely imagined wonders of the past.

We have a word for that: “progress.”

We deem it inevitable.

And yes, it most likely really is. Barring some truly global, natural or man-made disaster, there is no reason why “progress” should not continue into the far horizon.

Well, no reason at all – except for the scarcity of resources. On Earth.

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