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Don’t be stupid, just take that vaccine!

Somewhere around there are people whom are so lucky that they have the opportunity to take a vaccine against Covid-19 (from Pfizer), but for some reasons doesn’t want to because they are scared of what the vaccine may do to them. Well, if someone wants to take the vaccine because they expect to grow an extra limp, then they will get disappointed, because it won’t happen. Just because the vaccine […]

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The Covid-19 vaccine race ends in 2020

When Putin the 11th of August declared that Russia was the first country in the world to grant regulatory approval of a Covid-19 vaccine, many appeared worried about the safety of the vaccine and that the development of a Covid-19 vaccine was not a race with a single winner or finish line. However, what has the Russians to lose? The Russians are heavily burdened by Covid-19 and thousands will die […]

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How to fight Covid-19 by opening the society

The greatest risc for spreading the disease is by people not aware of the fact that they have Covid-19. Since young people appear to be less effected by Covid-19, it is to be expected that especially young people will not have any symptoms. And it is also young people who often likes to be socially active, go parties and in generally enjoy interacting with other people at bars, fitness centers, […]

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The only action plan against Covid-19 which works

Some countries seem to have adopted the strategy that we simply should wait until so many people has got immunity that the virus will stop spreading by itself. There have even been thoughts about testing people to see if they have got antibodies against the virus, so those people should not worry about being infected by the virus again. There are two issues with those sort of strategies. One is, […]

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Herd immunity against Covid-19: a popular myth!

There are some which again and again talks the benefits of getting herd immunity against Covid-19. It is often postulated as the situation when about 60% of the population has been infected (and survived) and thereby have gained an immunity against Covid-19. There is just one problem with this idea: it probably won’t work. The issue is that the mutation rate of Covid-19 appears to be too high to make […]

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Harvard professor Miquel Harnán wants to jeopardize the safety of my kids

Denmark and other countries are closing down to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Harvard professor Miguel Harnán do instead encourage world leaders to make partial shut down by exposing certain groups of young and healthy people to the virus, for thereby generating a “safety” shield for the elderly and weak. In theory a very nice thought, if just the Covid-19 had been a predictable disease which was harmless […]

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The danger of new Corona also known as COVID-19 caused by the virus SARS CoV-2

There appears to be some people who have not quite understood the danger in the new Corona virus. We have examples from Denmark, where the doctors are telling potentially infected people that they should just go to work as if it is an ordinary flu. The first person in Denmark which caught Corona was told exactly that. The result was that 16 of his colleges afterwards were requested to work […]

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A Tale of Two Cookies – Economics 101

Today, I am following up with a new post in a series, which is delving into the foundations of modern-day capitalism. We have already seen how the accumulation of wealth is built into the very structure of the system, and how the incessant call for privatisation – far from being a way of making the public service sector more efficient – is generally merely an excuse for further concentration of wealth and power. Now, let us dig one level further down again. Into the world of the science behind it all…

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Greta Thunberg to World Leaders …. ‘🌎 How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood’ 🌎 …. “!!

Originally posted on It Is What It Is:
~~September 23, 2019~~ GRETA THUNBERG A child doing the work of adults! Fighting for the rights of humans on this planet to have a ‘clean home’. Strong words! A ‘much-needed’ message. Will those in positions to change this listen? HortyRex© UN Climate Action Summit 2019 Greta Thunberg excoriates inaction on climate change at?#UNGA?summit: “We are at the beginning of a mass extinction…

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