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The Voice of the Dragon

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We live in the last, golden days of the Age of Enlightenment. Already the old institutions are crumbling into decay. Slowly, ever so slowly – and ever so inexorably. The world is no longer what it was.

That, of course, is always the case. But the world to come… that world will have little enough of light in it.

In saying this, do I sound just like those doomsday prophets of old? Gaunt madmen who preached the impending apocalypse and the end of the world, gripping the Bible in their bony hands and trying to convince the uncaring multitudes of their visions of doom?

Yes, just like them, indeed… Except for this: I do not preach, and I hold no holy book in my hand. My faith is not one of religion but of humanity. And my scripture is no single text or tome, written by feverish hermits claiming to hear the voice of God, but the tattered and blood-stained history of human civilisation itself.

And what I foresee is not doom, but darkness.

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  1. There is a difference, between darkness and doom. In darkness you might light a candle, or find a sliver of light, and there usually are no “armageddon woebegoners”. In doom, all hope is lost and the religiously affiliated can only have faith in their mythical entity saving their souls.

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    • Indeed, Amanda. And after the night, however long it may last, there comes a new dawn…
      Still, for those of us who see the encroaching darkness, that may be a cold comfort. A hope for the future, yes, but little hope for today.

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      • To be fully reassured in hope for the future, we have to have faith in mankind, and that a charismatic leader might come forward. Nothing on the horizon here as yet, but I feel sure one will arise at some point. Gosh that sounds terribly religious. I am not religious and it wasn’t meant to be, but I guess having faith, is the same as secular wishing, and hoping. And in keeping positive maybe we will help the universe conspire to facilitate change.

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