Northern Dragon

… life in the twilight years of modern-day democracy …


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Our reality is defined by what we can think and sense.

Technology has given us a greater reach than ever before. We can visit – both physically and virtually – almost any area on Earth, when and if we should want to.

We have, literally at our fingertips, access to an unprecedented universe of information; more than any human soul of any previous century even dreamed of.

Physically – and even more, virtually – we can roam farther and longer than any time before in all of human history. Experience sights and wonders hitherto impossible – or even unthinkable.

And for a time… For a short, glorious span of years – a mere blink of an eye in the span of human history – we were free.

Free to think. To learn. To imagine. To speak. To let our minds roam and touch – anywhere on Earth. As long as there was a connection to the ever-growing Net.


For a short span of years…

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