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The Shape of Reality

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“Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.”

— Obi-Wan Kenobi

We live – and therefore we think.

In many ways, the human mind is the crowning achievement of Earthly evolution. It’s still open for debate, of course, whether it will also be the very last achievement of evolution… ever; we’ll see about that. But there is no other, evolutionary feat in the world today which even comes close to exhibiting the power residing within that, which we call the brain.

Still, there are limits to it. Some less obvious than others.

We think… but what do we think? What shapes the world of our thoughts, of our reality?

Beliefs define that world. Conjecture and imagination circumscribe it. Memory lends it colour, smell, touch. And dreams and hopes bring light and life to it. The world, in which we actually live, is the world within the mind.

The world out there – outside of us – is something with which our senses allow us to interact. Our eyes let us see it; our ears let us hear it. We can move around in it and smell, touch, feel it. But the mind is, fundamentally, only a passing stranger in that world; gazing in through the windows of our senses.

Where we really live is – within.

And in there – in your mind – the rules are different.

For one thing, that world does not obey physical laws, such as the material reality does. It obeys the laws of your belief: the world is as you believe it to be. It cannot be otherwise: what you believe the world to be, that is how the world is – for you. Possibly not for anyone else, but definitely for you.

Most of us, for instance, do not believe the Earth to be flat; but some do. Some believe that the Earth was created according to natural laws and phenomena; others believe in an omnipotent Creator. There are even people who think it unimaginably bad of Bill Clinton to lie about having a sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, while others – err… no, make that pretty much the same people – believe it is completely all right of Donald Trump to lie about absolutely everything.

The human mind is amazingly flexible that way.

A marvellous prison.

You don’t believe me? So… who created those rules, those beliefs which shape your reality? Did you?

Think about it.

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